Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts

Naruto enthusiasts, here is a nice surprise for you: now you can absolutely look visually stunning in your Naruto outfit for that upcoming Halloween party or a cosplay convention you want to go to! The right Sharingan contact lenses will really finish that authentic Naruto look that you are going for.

Finding the right Mangekyou Sharingan contact lenses can be challenging. Nevertheless, they’re an essential part of your costume if you want to cosplay an Uchiha in a convincing matter (or Hatake Kakashi for that matter!). For Kakashi you could of course leave your Sharingan covered with your face mask, but it’s way more fun if you can show off a real Sharingan, no? 🙂

English: Naruto :Sasuke's eternal mangekyou sh...

English: Naruto :Sasuke’s eternal mangekyou sharingan Français : Naruto : Mangekyou sharingan éternel de Sasuke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In general, colored contact lenses are an excellent way to bring life to a cosplay costume, a gothic evening out or simply produce a refined effect for your eyes. You can easily buy fashion contacts online, but do keep your eyes safe first and foremost! Because fashion lenses share the hazards that are related with regular contact lenses. Contact lens wearers will certainly know all about them. Cosplayers with a taste for originality won’t – so it’s you I’m talking to :).

You might count on mild discomfort when you put in the lens; this ought to decrease as you become used to putting on contacts and the eye forms a tolerance for them.

certainly, the best way to purchase colored contact lenses is actually online. Those who have perfect eye-sight, will be going for fashion lenses (non-prescription). Specialists still recommend that you do not use fashion lenses unless they are fitted by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.

So , fashion lenses (other than scleral lenses) run exactly the same dangers as regular contact lenses and really should be treated with just as much care to prevent any complications.

The appearance of Sharingan contact lenses depends upon the character you are trying to imitate. For example: the Sasuke contact lenses includes a red iris, two artificial pupils that revolve around the actual pupil as well as small lines on the top and bottom of the lens. Itachi Uchiha’s contacts are available in 2 varieties: one having a blue iris, and the other having a white-colored iris. the two are designed the same exact way with 3 artificial pupils as well as little dark-colored lines revolving around a real pupil. Kakashi’s contact lenses will be more sophisticated compared to Sasuke’s. They have a red-colored iris as well as 3 fake pupils immersed within a circular sea of black and white little lines. The lines and the pupils revolve around the actual pupil. Currently there are no contact lenses available for the Tobi Naruto character.

Most sharingan lens buyers find the lenses to be gorgeous and even better looking than in the pictures. Often buyers are very happy with the product, once they can locate a seller that ships worldwide and has decent prices. At first it may feel a little weird but after a couple of minutes, you don’t realize you have the contact lenses on. You are sure to get great compliments for how cool they look.
I also recommend you to take a good look around when choosing your Sharingan retailer. There’s a few sites out there that offer a nice overview of what’s available one.


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